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Dear guests,

Taking into account the present situation of our planet, we have been carrying out several initiatives that contribute to the care of the environment. Our Hostel ("echo-friendly”) takes a policy of aid to the environment that it includes:

- All the shower and washbasins taps have dispenser of water volume.

- All the personnel recycle every day: paper, glass, plastic, batteries, cartridges, etc… and other residues in five different small containers and at the end of the day each product the personnel bring them to the corresponding big containers outside the hostel.We work with ECOPILAS, Foundation for environmental management of batteries.

- The personnel works with a t-shirt with green and white logo looking for the help of all the guests for taking care of environment.

- In each room there is a document with the environment policy translated to several languages.

- In the leaf of check in to the also specific back the policy of the inn to take care of the environment.

- Every day we put more light bulbs of low consumption.

- In the cleaning of the Hostel we use biodegradable products with neutral pH with the trade mark Johnson Diversey.

- All the possible paper is recycled in the reception.

- In the foot of the electronic mail, in the business card of the Hostel and in all the documents of the Hostel we request the collaboration with the environment.

- We are member of two Organizations that take care of pets: one in Madrid and other in Barcelona.

- Medicines, so beneficial to our health, are very damaging to nature if we throw away or down the drain, because they damage the environment and contaminate our soil and our waters. So do not throw away the remnants of drugs, or their containers, or for drain waste and carry it to the pharmacy of Antonio Sanchez Merino next to the Hostal Mindanao. In this way we contribute the health of nature. For more information:

- The care of the environment is a culture subject and that all we must learn every day.

Thank you very much.

Eco-friendly hostel.


1-Conscientious of the difficult present or future situation for many populations of all the continents,

2-Looking for to sensitize and to bring back to consciousness to the Spanish society on the necessity to give attendance to those people in most grave danger, based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

Mindanao Hostel (eco-friendly hostel) has decided to give a permanent economic contribution through Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), that is to say, to have a shared in common gesture whose unique purpose is to preserve the life and to alleviate the suffering of other human beings of the planet at moments of emergency for everybody and anywhere they are.

MSF was founded on Paris in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists, and since then its humanitarian work has not stopped to grow, that is why it was awarded the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.

In several occasions when a special aid has been asked for, for example, when the earthquake in Haiti, etc, the Mindanao Hostel has been present also sending its extraordinary contribution and we continue it doing in the measurement of our possibilities.

Join Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)!!! Aid to save lives!!!!

Thank you!!!

Hostel “echo-friendly".

Alojamiento solidario con el medio ambiente. Echemos una mano a nuestro planeta azul!!!!!. / Eco-friendly Hostel . Let s have a hand to our blue planet !!!!!.

Sostenibilidad medioambiental: labor de todos / Environmental sustainability: work of all

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